Make your career your calling

Most career "counselors" employ a linear, intellectual approach, administering "assessment" tests to try to "figure out" your ideal career. At the end of the process, they hand you an answer-- tell you what they think you should do for a living. My approach is quite different.

The work I do is grounded in the belief that we are all here for a Divine purpose. That we were born with unique gifts and talents that our Soul yearns to express. The answers we are looking for already lie within us. We must simply learn to connect to our intuition-that place inside that already knows what we are called to do. And when we do, we must find the courage to trust and follow it.

We all have experienced this intuitive part of ourselves. It's often referred to as "having a peak experience" or "being in the zone." I believe that all great ideas, all inspiration, comes from this place. It is because we are often not anchored in this part of ourselves, however, that we are blocked from seeing clearly, trusting ourselves and feeling inspired. I therefore work with you in an organic, non-linear way. We uncover your purpose and vision, not from your intellect and not from your ego, but from you intuition and heart-your Authentic Self. When a vision is generated in this way, inspiration flows, ideas spark and magic happens!

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