Make your career your calling

Step 1: Clarity

You will clarify your life purpose and career calling. You don't have to "figure it out" so much as uncover it. Through a number of processes that rely more on intuition than intellect, you will discover the clear, vivid answers that already lie inside of you.

Step 2: Vision

Through a visioning process connecting you to your heart and intuition rather than your mind and ego, you will create a clear and specific vision for of what your calling looks like. Once you’ve received your vision, you will emblazon it in your mind's eye. The mind cannot tell the difference between reality and a well imagined fantasy. Through powerful affirmation and visualization techniques you will come to fully believe in and see your vision in glorious, living color.

Step 3: Plan

Once you have a vision, you will create a roadmap to get from here to there. You will develop a plan detailing the action steps your intuition guides you to take.

Step 4: Action

The difference between a vision and a pipe dream is taking action. The best ideas are nothing without action. The RIGHT action. Based on the ideas that came forward in your plan, you will begin to take consistent “three foot tosses” toward bringing your vision into manifestation.

Step 5: Clearing Obstacles

You will overcome what's been stopping you. If nothing were in your way, you would have achieved your vision by now. So why are you stuck? The answer is your own internal obstacles. We will identify the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that hold you back. In doing so, trust, courage and momentum will replace doubt, fear and inertia.

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