Make your career your calling

"Working with Julia has been a truly empowering experience. Her insight and intuition are phenomenal. She has the incredible ability to pinpoint exactly where my true passions lie and reflect them back to me. By guiding me through a process of self-discovery, she has helped me craft a "mission statement" for my life based on my own heart's desires. As a coach, Julia has been invaluable in helping me stay true to my own calling, and breaking down my dreams into doable steps. As an advocate, she has consistently championed me, encouraging me to fully embrace my true calling and express my talents. As a result of working with her, I have been able to clarify where my gifts and strengths are and I am currently pursuing a long-held dream of directing film and I am very excited about what I will achieve in the coming year!"

Tim Wade
Initial Career: Writer
New Career: Film Director

"The moment I started to work with Julia, things started to happen! People returned my phone calls, wrote me back, read my manuscripts and opened door after door for me. They weren't doing that when I was winging it on my own. I can honestly say that despite my 20 years of managing people, Julia gave me the clarity and organization that enabled me to pursue dreams that I had always deemed too difficult or complicated to achieve. Julia has made all the difference in my having the courage and the confidence to follow my heart and make money - a lot of it - doing what I love!"

Kristin Mackall
Initial Career: Advertising Executive
New Career: Writer

"One of the biggest gifts I received in working with Julia was how quickly she saw through my sometimes unruly passion and was able to focus in on my real intention. She really heard me and connected with me with my purpose. Then she was able to help me laser it in to a place where I could then do something tangible with it. She is truly able to inspire you to focus on your dharma with sacred intent."

Darin Olien
Initial Career: Personal Trainer
New Career: Naturopathic Medicine

"Working with Julia has been amazing! It has allowed me to see in myself what people have been telling me for years. I am starting to see my worth, potential and power and it has allowed me to begin achieving and accomplishing my dreams. It's truly a miraculous experience that will change your life."

Ariel Gail
Initial Career: Retail
New Career: Public Relations

"Working with Julia has been one of the better experiences of my life. What I have learned from her I will use forever. I have realized that I can do anything and that I can conquer any obstacle. I don't really know what to say but, "thank you." Thank you so much. My life has changed so dramatically in such a short time and without her help none of it would have happened. Working with her will be a life altering experience that will lead you to who you really are."

Vanessa Chandler
Initial Career: Graphic Designer
New Career: Director of a Homeless Non-Profit

"Working with Julia has been a terrific experience for me! When we first started, I had only a sense of what I wanted to do. Julia was able to take me through a process that assisted me in looking at the beliefs I had that were holding me back, thinking bigger than I ever had before and creating a tailor made career, unique to me. Through her intuitive nature, insightfulness, caring, and focus, I now have a clarity and resolve that I had never felt before. Thank You!"

Alex Cary
Initial Career: Advertising Executive
New Career: Interior Design

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