Make your career your calling


Coaching Style

I regard my clients with tremendous respect and reverence. I absolutely know that each of us has the answers we need within us. My role is simply to facilitate your connecting to your own inner knowing and holding you accountable to your heart. I am described by one of my clients as extremely ´┐Żintuitive and insightful with a keen ability to hear through the layers of fear and confusion to what is really true and compelling´┐Ż for them. I am unconditionally compassionate with my clients while being ruthless about holding their feet to the fire. I am fully committed to your forward movement. While I will hold a safe space for you to emotionally experience whatever may come up, I am here to move you through your obstacles not indulge them.


Julia Nadine Padawer, M.A. is an inspiring, insightful and visionary thinker, coach, speaker and facilitator. She is also a Certified Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Through her company, Dharma coaching, she combines her vast experience in marketing and personal growth to support people in stepping into their soul’s purpose in the area of work—a place where people usually check their soul at the door. Her mission is to inspire individuals to find their calling and make it their career and to assist companies in launching “soul-centered” businesses that make a contribution to the world. Julia holds a vision that one day our children will be raised amidst a new American Dream. One in which fulfillment and contribution, rather than achievement and accumulation, are the ultimate barometer of success.

Passionate in her belief that anything is possible, she knows if we can conceive it, we can achieve it. Prior to becoming a Career Coach, Julia spent over 13 years as a successful advertising executive demonstrating just that. By 25, she was one of the youngest vice presidents ever at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. At 31, she was an executive vice president at the largest media buying company in the world, a division of a Fortune 500 company.

Known in the advertising industry for creating breakthrough strategies and campaigns, Julia has won a number of prestigious industry awards for her work on clients such as Citibank, American Airlines and The Weather Channel at some of the country's most renowned advertising agencies, including Kirshenbaum and Bond, Young and Rubicam, and TBWA/Chiat Day among others. Motivated by a desire to make a contribution and give back, Julia lent her talents to a number of pro-bono campaigns including Partnership for a Drug Free America, Coalition for the Way Home, Planned Parenthood and the American Foundation for AIDS Research among others. Highly respected in the advertising industry, Julia has spoken at conferences for the Account Planning Group, the Association of American Advertising Agencies, the Western Association of Advertising Agencies, The Advertising Research Foundation, and Wharton Business School. She has also judged the EFFIE Awards for advertising effectiveness and served as a judge for the esteemed Miami Ad School.

In addition to the corporate world, Julia also served in the political arena. Her experience includes working for Senator Edward Kennedy as well for CBS’s Polling and Elections Division. During the 2000 election, she held a position as Co-Campaign Manager for Natural Law Party and Reform Party Presidential Candidate John Hagelin, world renowned physicist and spiritual leader recently featured in the acclaimed films, "What The Bleep Do We Know?,” and “The Secret.” Blending her spiritual and political beliefs, Julia recently founded a group called “Spiritual Activism,” dedicated to bringing about positive change in our world not only by transforming consciousness, but also by taking action.

Julia has extensive experience in personal growth, transformation, coaching and spirituality, including spending a year living and serving in an ashram. She has trained with Coach for Life, The College of Executive Coaching, Coachville as well as a Certified Mentor Coach. Julia holds a B.A. in Political Science and Women's Studies from Northwestern University and a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.